Radikal Guru

One of the brightest lights of the roots-influenced underground community, Radikal Guru has pioneered a compelling and unique fusion of sounds that encompass dub, reggae and dubstep.

He started developing his production skills in Poland making trip-hop and jungle beats in 2004. Fascinated by sounds of Asian Underground in 2005 he put out a demo album called “The East-West connection” which started spreading around the internet community. 

His unique sound influenced by dub originators such as King Tubby, Lee Scratch Perry or Scientist, gained popularity after a series of vinyl releases on Dubbed Out records (UK) in 2008.

During that time Radikal Guru sound progressed further when he started experimenting with dub and a wide variety of sub genres including dubstep. 

From 2009 Radikal Guru has been delivering his sound in clubs and festivals around Europe and continues his quest to this day. 

With his sound rooted in the soundsystem culture, Radikal Guru searches to convey a deeper, layered substance to his music – 

“I always felt it’s important for the music to hold a message, something that people can relate to or that gives them inspiration or strength. A lot of music these days lacks a good and wise content that can be introduced to the younger generation.”