DubCamp Romania grows into DubLand

…because “camp” is not enough anymore to encompass all that we get to create with your energy, passion, strength and the love of dub.

When our team first said yes to embarking on this journey months ago, our goal was to create a meaningful festival experience – because this is what we could not find in all the places that we visited before.

And you did just that – opened a new road towards a new age of festivals. And the journey is long, and even heavier under Babylon’s ever growing presence, but only together can we walk the way with our heads high.

DubLand is a musical experience that crosses the conventional borders of genres and brings together all the children of dub. The borders of this Land are yet unexplored in their depths, and together only can we ride into the horizons.

And more than that, DubLand is about the people that create it, and for brief moments in time we can reach Zion. Let them be more numerous in the future.

Marching through Babylon is never easy, but in togetherness DubLand will prevail!

Step inna di dance!