Mungo’s Hi Fi

They love soundsystem culture to the core – from its Jamaican roots to raves, clubs and festivals.

When performing as DJs, playing their heavyweight soundsystem, producing music, collaborating with vocalists and releasing artists on their label, they create a uniquely uplifting experience.

They are Dougie No Pain, Craigy Wonder, Breezak Bass and Tommy Danger – the collective known as Mungo’s Hi Fi.

Constantly trying to improve their craft, Mungo’s Hi Fi succeeded in creating “a lean mean reggae machine”. In their own words, “we like the culture of recycling riddim tracks which has always occurred in reggae and try to bring something new to the riddim.”

Based in Glasgow, Mungo’s Hi Fi the collective first came together in 2000, and grew in the following years. The name is inspired by the patron saint of Glasgow, as the members confirm in an interview:

“The name Mungo comes from our beloved patron saint. He paved the way spreading a good message in Glasgow and also made beer.”
With more than 10 albums released and countless singles and EPs, there is a thing that Mungo’s Hi Fi stays true to – “We’re not just doing something that can be done in the studio, it has to work on a sound system as well.”