DJ, producer and electronic music gear builder, Dubik combines these three specialities fusing them with his passion for dub, folklore and bass. 

After passing from guitars to synths and exploring and absorbing the technical side for a while, Dubik started producing and DJing in 2010. He then trained his skills to deliver an organic musical experience, be it in his DJ sets or in his productions.

Dubik’s first productions were encouraged by Ufe, the brilliant eclectic DJ from Bucharest and some songs even featured his scratching. In 2015, after debuting with the Astronaut Kru Soundsystem in different summer festivals, he was invited to join them in their efforts to build the Romanian soundsystem culture. 

He started a streaming show on Facebook/Youtube named “Down the rabbit hole”, a show which in June 2021, was included in Black Rhino Radio’s programme, and carries on with 2-hour mixes by guest Djs and Dubik himself.

2022 brings a song included in the Dirty Beats Volume Three compilation and a double EP in the summer, with influences from Romanian folklore and the mahala-sounds of the last century’s urban slums.