Dj Vasile

Dj Vasile, the first electronic music DJ in the Romanian FM, broadcasted the first show of this kind on January 26, 1990. 

He joined the band Șuie Paparude, contributing to the first album released under the same name in 1995. 

He left the band shortly after to pursue a solo career, and over the years navigated through musical genres from alternative rock, punk, new wave, to techno, drum and bass, dub and dubstep. 

“My challenge as a DJ was to constantly seek out and expose myself to the new, which at the time I was encountering in abundance exclusively in the sound library of the radio station I was working at.”

He has founded numerous musical projects, including NSK (Natural Soft Killers) an “eclectic-beauty, unlike anything you’ll ever hear”, Shukar Collective, and Tatăl Nostru, the most underground project possible, as well as Zona Liberă – an FM and time travelling radio show that has gathered more than 800 editions to date.

DJ Vasile remains steadfast in his dedication to musical experimentation, exploring a realm without boundaries, creating without constraints a land of his own sound that sets him free.