Dub Arena

This is the beating heart of DubCamp! With its sound walls, oriented 360° towards the dancefloor we guarantee you’ll be feeling the music surrounding you, takin’ you on a journey straight to the roots!

The sound systems takin’ care of you belong to masters of sound straight outta Hungary – Dubapest HIFI and DubPhase…

Jungle stage

For the first time on the Romanian festival scene, DubCamp brings you a stage entirely dedicated to Jungle music! Rediscover the music that made you fall in love with high BPMs and the inimitable kicks and snares that kept you dancing all night long!

With the sound system spread throughout forested terrain, we guarantee you’ll feel like you stepped inna jungle. And it’s gonna be massive!

Beach Party

This is the spot for your daytime fun!

Located on the shore of the La Plaja Nouă lake, the Beach Party will keep your spirits high during the day when you’ll get to experience the activities we prepared for you, take a swim or just chill on the beach…


A vinyl-only showcase and shop curated by the vinyl archaeologists of the Romanian music scene, Rapala and Hazee – whom you might remember from another era as DubPredatorz – along with the father of the Romanian Jungle scene, Dubase. 

In other words, Lazy Hour Store and Vampire Vinyl are putting together their record crates for you to dig in, discover, enjoy, and take home with you, be it a disc or the memory of a dance.

Here you can buy the juiciest records for yourself, dance to the picks of the selectors, or enjoy a local craft beer – a fully authentic experience, speaking to your core…