DubPasses – Final Sale Phase

*The Dub Upgrades for Camping and Campervans are only valid along with a General Access DubPass.

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You can sail to DubCamp on the Bega river via the Vaporetto!

Regular rides will take you to DubCamp straight from the heart of the city – Catedrala Mitropolitană Station.

Timetable available soon…

Bike Lane

Yes, it’s possible!

You can cycle all the way from Timișoara to our DubCamp location, La Plaja Nouă, along the Bega river, on the bike lane leading all the way to Serbia!
You only gotta stop about 11km down the road and you reach the heart of the party.
That means a 45 minutes ride down the Bega river and a chance to admire the surroundings…

Trains&Planes Options

Coming from far away? Not a problem these days!
You can check out the routes to the Timișoara airport
Or book a train ticket (here or here) that brings you to DubCamp.


We understand it’s sometimes easiest to just jump in your car and get to the fest…
But hear us out – we want DubCamp to be about community even before getting on the festival grounds, and that is why we encourage you to rideshare!

Jump on our Discord or Telegram channel to find your ride!



What we’ve got to offer:
Shaded area
Power Station

You know what that means for you?
A care-free experience so you can enjoy DubCamp to the maximum!


Come with your own Campervan/Motorhome/RV and we’ll offer you a great spot overlooking the lake, so you get to enjoy the comfort you can rely on!

Accommodation options

Our recommendations are either

Hostel Cornel right in Timișoara’s city centre for a cosy experience,

…or Hotel Ibis for an elevated and relaxing experience in-between the festival dancing sessions.

Whichever you may pick, rest assured you’ll have a memorable time!

Frequently Asked Questions

Kids at DubCamp

Kids under 14 years of age have free entry in the festival (General Access). Their access is possible, however only when accompanied by an adult.

Youngsters at DubCamp

Underage folks between 14 and 18 are allowed on the festival premises only upon presenting a parental advisory form and accompanied by an adult. They will receive different coloured bracelets to prevent them from purchasing alcohol or cigarettes.

Campervans at DubCamp

In order to enter the Campervan area you’ll need a Campervan bracelet – that is that each member of the Campervan will need to have their pass upgraded.

Can I bring my car and tent to the Campervan area?
No, you can camp in the Camping area and leave your car in the parking lot.

Can I do a barbecue or a fire in the camping or campervan area?

Can I access the Camping area without a Camping bracelet?
No, you need the Camping bracelet.

Can I access the Campervan area without a Campervan bracelet?
No, you need the Campervan bracelet.

Trailers vs Campervans – Can I park my caravan/trailer in the Campervan area?
Only Campervans (Motorhomes/RVs) are allowed in the Campervan area. Trailers are generally too large for the available spaces. However, please contact us in advance if you have any unusual sized vehicles.

I have an early bird ticket – does it include access to camping?
No, the Early Bird ticket is a General Access type of ticket. For Camping or Campervan access you need an upgrade.

Can I bring snacks and beverages in the camping or campervan areas?
Yes, you may, only in the Camping or Campervan area. However, access in the festival area with foods and beverages from the outside is prohibited. And keep in mind that it’s gonna get hot! So only non-perishable items are allowed – nobody wants funky smells spreading around. Also, only non-alcoholic drinks are allowed in the Camping and Campervan area.

Can I bring my pet to the festival?
No, any pets or other domestic or wild animals are not allowed on the festival premises.