Phoneme B2B ZERO

Bass Request was born in 2017 when founding members Phoneme and Zero joined forces to start a new promoters crew. The leading idea was for the crew to promote and play the drum&bass sound they consider to be the most positive and fit for the dancefloor.


DJ Phoneme, active since 2003, keeps delivering heavy sounds, from drum&bass/jungle, breakbeat, to dubstep, and all styles in-between. He started DJ-ing, and organising parties in 2003, getting more and more gigs, playing at the most important festivals and parties in Romania, having also gigs in Italy, the Netherlands, and Bulgaria. He was part of the Scarcity-Records, the new label started by Mesmer. After hosting regular shows on radios like BreaksFM and, Phoneme has now a regular show on SubFM, where he’s promoting his fresh concept of City Breakz.


Zero, DJ-ing for 12 years already, is well known for his involvement in the Bass Request crew, and radio. Always delivering great vibes for the dancefloor, he started DJ-ing on the internationally known Bassdrive radio in 2019, for the Vital Habits Show. You can now find him hosting shows on and DJ-ing on local and national events.