Michi (Șuie)

Michi is an electronic dub artist, one of the founding members of the electronica band Șuie Paparude. 

Growing up in a family where music was queen, Michi is an avid explorer of sound. His first love was the piano, and in the early ‘90s Michi bravely took to the electronic realm in search for his freedom. His solo project, an LP entitled “Dub Free Romania” in 2002, is an all sweet intimate album.

With his band, Șuie Paparude, the mission is to make music that people respond to, that ignites something within them. And no concert sounds the same, it is a live performance in every sense of the word – 

“And in the live sets I basically come with this laptop, a really good sound card that I get into with all their vocals, plus my broken down set – the songs cut and broken down, so one gig doesn’t sound like the other.”

Michi debunks the myth that music made on electronic devices is easy peasy because it is the computer that does all the work:

“In fact, the computer is a tool that you turn on and it’s empty.

If you don’t know how to manipulate it, nothing comes out, really, it’s like a blank sheet.”

For his act at DubCamp Romania this summer, Michi will be presenting a live jungle set of the first Șuie Paparude album first released in 1995.