Dubapest HI-FI

Dubapest HiFi is the first reggae soundsystem in Hungary. The sound’s 2 selectas and operators are Jahfar and Captain Midnite, accompanied by Babystep on the microphone.

The sound currently has 6 scoops, 2 double kick boxes and 4 mid-high boxes and two tweeter box with 28,000 watts in amps. The 2 selectas play various styles as roots reggae, dub, stepper, early and new digital. Jahfar’s selection is more deep and spiritual, Midnite likes to shake up the dance digital style while Babystep promotes love, harmony and consciousness on the microphone.

The combination of their music taste introduces the listener to a wide spectrum of real reggae music. Dubapest HiFi’s goal is to unite the people through the messages in reggae music, to wake up the people with love in this consumerist generation.