You might be thinking why should you even consider coming to DubCamp…

Going to a festival is in danger of becoming less and less about the community, the authenticity, and the vibe. We need to return to the roots of togetherness, of pure joy, of connecting to our nature…

That can only mean turning to the soundsystem culture and the origins of electronic music as we know it today. That is why we created DubCamp Romania as an independent, community built festival.

Relying on community is our superpower and because of that each and every participant of DubCamp Romania is a creator alongside us… we’re taking the DIY culture seriously, so join us and be a creator of your ideal festival experience!

“The speakers in those days were so huge and heavy. Now, you can get one person to tip it back and put it on your wheels. As far as the soundsystem world was concerned, the wheel hadn’t been invented,so it was a case of manual power all the way. You’d have an army of people who were dedicated. If you had to carry that up four flights of stairs, that wasn’t a problem because everyone’s enthusiastic. They want to get it in, get it hitched up, we want to start playing music and creating the vibe.”

Aba Shanti-I, 2010

To speak about the soundsystem is not to speak only of the gear, but of the entire crew behind it. That is because being a soundsystem is much like a family – with the good and the bad – and the people gathering ‘round it are our community. Now trust us on this one, we know it well…

“Lots of people like reggae but don’t seek it out, but they like it if it’s there. Many people have the idea that it’s all Bob Marley and not really dance music. I think festivals help change this prejudice. you often see people, young, old, families walk into the reggae tent to see “whaa gwaan” immediately get into it and stay there all weekend.”

Mungo’s Hi Fi, 2015

So join us on this adventure, become part of this community! We celebrate the joy of being together, respect for our environment, our peers and ourselves, ‘n’ rad music.

Step inna di dance!

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Reconnecting urban souls with nature is no easy task – and that’s why the location for DubCamp Romania couldn’t be just any – any field, any lake, any forest….
It had to be a captivating place, with a spirit of its own, a pillar in a community…

La Plaja Nouă was born from the desire to offer something unique to all people with an appetite for different experiences, to get them out of their comfort zone in a fun way, to make them smile and come back enthusiastic and cheerful.

Because of all this, La Plaja Nouă became the natural choice.

But what’s waiting there for you?

A wide range of activities during the day, to satisfy the adventurous impulses, the relaxing inclinations, and the effervescent vibes of its visitors…

…all of this and more are being prepared for DubCamp Romania!