Aba Shanti-I

Aba Shanti-I (pronounced as Aba Shanti-Eye) has been playing the tunes of joy and enlightenment for more than 30 years. Having been introduced to the soundsystem culture by his father Alan, Aba Shanti-I didn’t take long to start touring the UK and then the entire world sharing the sound learned from his ancestors. He was a witness to the roots scene developing, growing, becoming more diverse and is still in its vanguard.

Aba Shanti-I brings the public bits of history pressed on heavy dubplate mixes coming in with a more spiritual, Rasta perspective to move your body and soul.

“I love my roots. I get pleasure from different genres of music, but the feeling and vibe I get from my roots music, no other music can take that away.”

Preferring to be known as a sound system operator rather than a DJ, for Aba Shanti-I the difference resides in that they set up the entire sound and play, and not only turn up with the cases, set up and play for the gig.